Drink This First Thing In The Morning

Drink THIS First Thing in the Morning:

This daily trick can help you detoxify, improve your digestion and
boost your metabolism & energy levels

by Mike Geary – Certified Nutrition Specialist

Author of the best seller: The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging


You’re bombarded with toxins in today’s modern world… everywhere
from the polluted air you breathe, the water you drink, the shampoos and
other cosmetics that lather your body with chemicals, and of course, all
of the chemical additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other
harmful compounds in the food that you eat.

All of these TOXINS can have harmful effects on your body, harming
your metabolism and hormones, impairing your digestive system, and
zapping your energy levels.

If I could tell you ONE thing that you could do each morning right as
you wake up to help your body eliminate some of these toxins, improve
your digestion, stimulate your metabolism, and BOOST your energy,
would you do it?


Of course you would… and it takes less than 1 minute!

Here’s the trick…


Immediately upon waking each day, squeeze about 1/2 to 1 full lemon

(depending on size of the lemon) into an 8 oz glass of warm or room

temperature purified water.  This is gentler on your body first thing in the

morning compared to ice cold water.  I’ve found that slicing the lemon

into quarters before squeezing by hand is easier than squeezing halves.

Drink this at least 10 minutes before eating any food for the day.


Make sure to use fresh organic lemons to make this drink, and not
bottled lemon juice.  You want to use organic lemons to avoid the
pesticides that can accumulate.


3 Major benefits of this morning drink to your body, health, and



According to a leading health publication, TheAlternativeDaily.com:

“The health promoting benefits of lemons are powerful. For centuries, it
has been known that lemons contain powerful antibacterial, antiviral and
immune boosting components. We know that lemons are a great digestive
aid and liver cleanser.  Lemons contain citric acid, magnesium,
bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, calcium and limonene, which
supercharge our immunity so that the body can fight infection.

Lemons are considered one of the most alkalizing foods you can eat.
This may seem untrue as they are acidic on their own. However, in the
body, lemons are alkaline; the citric acid does not create acidity once it
has been metabolized. The minerals in lemons are actually what helps to
alkalize the blood.  Most people are too acidic (from eating too much
sugar and grains), and drinking warm lemon water helps reduce overall
acidity, drawing uric acid from the joints. This reduces the pain and
inflammation which many people feel. And the American Cancer Society
recommends warm lemon water to encourage regular bowel movements.”
Benefits that you can enjoy:

1. Improves your digestion:

Lemon juice helps your body improve digestion and stimulates bile

production. Lemon juice can even be an aid for heartburn and indigestion.

2. Boosts your energy for the day:


Even just the scent of lemon juice has been shown to improve your mood

and energy levels, and reduce anxiety.  Plus the detoxifying effect and

alkalizing effect of fresh organic lemon juice can improve your energy

through the removal of toxins from your body.

3. Helps you to lose fat:


Since lemon juice helps to improve your digestive system, aids in

removal of toxins, and increases your energy levels, this all combines

together to help you to lose body fat as well through improving your

hormonal balance… Yet another reason to add warm lemon water to

your daily morning routine!

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How Your Second Pregnancy Is Different from Your First

Can’t wait to give your baby a little brother or sister to play with? You’re not alone: One-third of pregnancies in the U.S. happen within 18 months of a previous birth, according to a new study from the Guttmacher Institute in New York. And planning a pregnancy quickly after your first one is even more common in women over the age of 30, according to the findings.

But just because you’ve been pregnant before doesn’t mean you know exactly what you’re in for. In fact, your second pregnancy will likely be a little different from your first, says Shari Brasner, MD, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Brasner shares a few things you should expect during a round-two pregnancy:

You could deal with nutrition issues
The biggest concern during a second pregnancy, nutritionally speaking, is that you might be more iron deficient, says Brasner. Pregnancy in general puts a big strain on the iron stores in your blood, and many women go into their first pregnancy iron deficient, she says. This, combined with the fact that your body’s already been weakened by your first pregnancy and maybe hasn’t had time to fully recover, could be why you lack the nutrient even more while carrying your second child, says Brasner. Luckily, that’s pretty easy to remedy since iron supplements (which you might want to take a couple of times a week, depending on your needs) are widely available.

You might be prone to more complications
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Mayo Clinic both suggest that the optimal time to wait between births is at least 18 months. Why? Research shows pre-term birth, low birth weight, and even growth restriction are three of the things you might have to worry about if you’re having your second child very soon after your first, says Brasner, because your body hasn’t had enough time to recover from the physical and nutritional burden of your first pregnancy.

You can experience certain symptoms sooner
Pregnancy-related woes like back pain, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids that typically occur during the third trimester can strike earlier—not to mention more dramatically, says Brasner. Why? Basically, your first pregnancy weakens your muscoskeletar structure and your vessel walls, which makes it easier for these symptoms to resurface. The good news: Any potential morning sickness and cravings shouldn’t be worse than they were the first time around.

You may feel bigger
Many women feel like they’re getting bigger, faster during their second pregnancy, but that’s really a subjective thing since your measurements will most likely follow the same pattern as the first time, says Brasner. However, keep in mind that if you’ve held onto some of the extra pounds you gained from the first pregnancy, then you’ll of course be bigger the second time around.

You’ll likely be exhausted
While waiting for baby number two to arrive, you might find yourself low on energy—but it’s usually not a health concern, says Brasner. Usually, feeling like you’re dragging is just because you’re already a mom and dealing with things that you didn’t have to deal with the first time around—like taking care of a young, high-energy child.

…But you should also feel more relaxed
If you headed to your doctor’s appointments with a long list of questions and concerns during your first pregnancy, chances are you’ll be way more blasé the second time around. The simple reason for the change: Already having had a child builds up your confidence, so there isn’t that fear of the unknown.

Photo: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

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7 Secrets for an Amazing First Date

Okay, so nailing a date isn’t exactly quantum physics…but sometimes it seems like it might as well be, considering the time and effort scientists (and most single people for that matter) spend pondering the topic. In the latest study, Stanford University researchers analyzed nearly 1000 four-minute speed-dating pair-ups to figure out what factors determined whether couples felt a spark—or had a “meh” attitude toward each other. They recorded the conversations, asked participants to fill out a questionnaire about what they thought of each date, and then poured through mounds of data. What they discovered will fascinate you.

Here’s what researchers noted about women based on the speed dates:

You’re usually pickier than he is
One finding you’ll love: The power is (mostly) in your hands. “Women are much more selective than men when it comes to dating,” says study author Dan McFarland, PhD, a sociologist at Stanford. Ladies indicated a willingness to go on a second date with much less frequency than guys did. So you can relax knowing it’s more about you deciding whether you want to see him again than the other way around.

You might want to act a little self-centered
On that note, couples hit it off when women talked about themselves and men supported this by talking about the women. So don’t stress about whether you’re hijacking the convo too much. “Conversations went better if women used words like I and me a lot and men said you more often,” says McFarland.

When you mix up your tone, he thinks you’re into him
Speaking quickly and varying your pitch correlated with romantic interest. “It signals excitement,” says McFarland. A slow, monotone voice was associated with a sense of distance and awkwardness. Something to keep in mind, depending on the vibe you want to give off.

Questions are the kiss of death
This one is pretty baffling: You’d think asking a guy about himself would show you’re interested and enthusiastic, right? Well, it turns out the more questions couples posed during a date, the less connected they felt. According to McFarland, a factual Q&A about where you’re from or what your hobbies are made people feel detached, like they were trying to fill the gaps and forcing it, instead of letting the chat flow naturally.

Choose your words carefully
Fluffy fillers—sorta, kinda, probably, I guess—are turn-offs because they indicate a lack of passion. On the other hand, sprinkling in y’know and I mean when telling a story (linguists call these phrases “self-markers,” because they bring attention to yourself) draws your date into what you’re saying and helps you both get more in tune.

And a few notes from researchers that you might want to keep in mind about him:

It’s a good sign if he interrupts
Surprisingly, women were more into guys who jumped in mid-story—not to bring the conversation back to themselves, but to complete her sentence or agree with her. “It makes you feel like you have chemistry because you’re jointly telling the story together, you’re both engaged, ” says McFarland. It’s his way of trying to build a rapport, and it proves he’s genuinely listening to and interested in you.

You’ll click more with an empathetic guy
When you’re telling him about yourself, pay attention to his reactions. The research showed that men who chimed in with supportive statements about something positive in a woman’s life (“That’s really cool,” “That’s awesome!” “Amazing!”), and sympathy about a tough situation (“Oh no,” “That’s weird,” “That sucks”) scored more love from the ladies. And rightfully so—empathy is one of the ways he shows he’d be up for another date.

photo: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

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15 Things NOT to Wear on a First Date

Rachel Bilson, former Women’s Health cover star, doesn’t always dress to impress guys. “All men hate harem pants, but I don’t give a s—t,” she says, according to UsMagazine.com. “They are so comfortable. You get a little room, you know?”

It just goes to show: Men and women often aren’t on the same page when it comes to fashion. Just as women tend to cringe when dudes make style faux pas (see the 10 Things Guys Should NEVER Wear), a lot of guys hate when women don clothes and accessories that they just don’t understand. When it comes to style, there’s girl-hot (clothes that women think are sexy and stylish), and guy-hot (clothes that guys think are smokin’)—and, more often than not, the two categories just don’t overlap.

With that in mind, we turned to Men’s Health Facebook users to see what lady fashion trends they just can’t stand. Here, 15 things that are decidedly girl-hot, not guy-hot.

Tell us: Would you adopt Bilson’s attitude and wear any of these items on a first date? Or would you save them for a night out with the girls?

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Make a Great First Impression

Meeting someone new? Don’t skip the formalities. Shaking hands before a social interaction makes a more positive impression than a no-handshake greeting, according to an article to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Researchers tracked the brain activity of people who watched and rated videos of non-verbal guest-host exchanges. During handshake exchanges, the results showed increased activity in the brain’s reward processing region, which the researchers say demonstrates a link between the positive impact of a handshake and social evaluation.

But a handshake is more than just part of a friendly introduction—it helps break the ice, too, says Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Snap, Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma. Shaking hands began as peace offering—proof you didn’t have any weapons, Wood says. Nowadays it still has the same primal effect of breaking down the “stranger barrier,” she explains. Go without the handshake, however, and “it will take longer to feel comfortable and safe with someone,” she says.

Think your shake needs assistance? Wood says to start early when meeting someone new. “Put your hand out to prepare for a handshake at least four to six feet away from the person,” she says. That way your new acquaintance isn’t surprised by your gesture, and there’s no risk of crowding each other.

Want to avoid a weak grip or the embarrassing fingers-only fumble? “Pointing your fingers down and scooping into the palm of the other person’s hand will prevent them from grabbing too shallow or getting a wimpy handshake,” Wood says.

Image: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

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