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Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence goes make-up free for a caffeine fix
The 21-year-old actress opted for a very dressed down look when she stepped out for her morning caffeine fix. After piling on the make-up for a series of red carpet appearances, the rising star decided to keep her face bare. She dressed casually in a …
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Yep Stay Awake, Caffeine-Free!
Well, we've all been guilty of it at one time or another–suffering from the caffeine crash later. Believe it or not, some people avoid caffeine. Most make this choice for health reasons because it dehydrates the body and is functions as an addictive …
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Taste of summer
Mini Mary Prakash, chief clinical dietician, PRS Hospital, adds that it would do good to up one's water intake from the usual two litres to anywhere between 3.5 and four litres: “Green tea is recommended instead of regular tea as it has less caffeine.
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Big Energy Coffee Lightning Review: Because Sometimes Caffeine Alone Just Isn
Per 12-oz cupful: 32mg ginseng, 42mg guarana, 32mg yerba mate (of which 1mg is caffeine), 1mcg vitamin B12, 8mg taurine. Felt my heart beating… like, I really felt it. Experienced feelings of resentment towards 7-Eleven for not making better-tasting …
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