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Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence goes make-up free for a caffeine fix
The 21-year-old actress opted for a very dressed down look when she stepped out for her morning caffeine fix. After piling on the make-up for a series of red carpet appearances, the rising star decided to keep her face bare. She dressed casually in a …
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Yep Stay Awake, Caffeine-Free!
Well, we've all been guilty of it at one time or another–suffering from the caffeine crash later. Believe it or not, some people avoid caffeine. Most make this choice for health reasons because it dehydrates the body and is functions as an addictive …
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Taste of summer
Mini Mary Prakash, chief clinical dietician, PRS Hospital, adds that it would do good to up one's water intake from the usual two litres to anywhere between 3.5 and four litres: “Green tea is recommended instead of regular tea as it has less caffeine.
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Big Energy Coffee Lightning Review: Because Sometimes Caffeine Alone Just Isn
Per 12-oz cupful: 32mg ginseng, 42mg guarana, 32mg yerba mate (of which 1mg is caffeine), 1mcg vitamin B12, 8mg taurine. Felt my heart beating… like, I really felt it. Experienced feelings of resentment towards 7-Eleven for not making better-tasting …
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Slow down hair loss
Sip a little caffeine. Caffeine helps slow baldness. It decreases a follicle-damaging hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It comes from testosterone, the hormone that makes men and women want to get friendly with each other.
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Test Driving Couch to 5K, Day 2: Caffeine for Me
I have read a lot in the past about the effects of caffeine on running and other feats of athletic performance. A 2009 article in the New York Times called caffeine “one of the few performance enhancers that is not banned by the World Anti-Doping …
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Coffee: a caffeinated chronicle
In the plant world, caffeine is a natural pesticide, protecting Coffea, tea plants, and other foods from certain insects. In the animal world, caffeine is a drug. A stimulant drug, to be precise. Inside the body, the chemical adenosine circulates at …
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Active Minds 7th Annual Stress Out Day: LAUGH!
Try to eat from all of the food groups and try to stay away from caffeine (minimize soda or coffee). Caffeine can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Limit alcohol and stay away from illegal drugs. Alcohol and drugs aggravate anxiety and can also cause …
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Why we're addicted to … coffee
The US chain have started putting three shots instead of two into their XL or Venti “British latte”, meaning it now contains 225mg of caffeine. The coffee giant changed the recipe after a 60 per cent surge of people wanting extra caffeine shots.
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Can amphetamine and caffeine make you a slacker?
When you give them caffeine, on the other hand, the worker rats show the same decrease, while the slacker rats show no effect. This shows that drugs can differentially affect performance in a cognitive task, depending on how the animals responded in …
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Side or back? Sleep position affects health
You probably know the tips about keeping a regular routine and avoiding caffeine to help you get to sleep. But how you lay when you're at rest can also affect how your body feels when you get up and about. Some say it can also tell something about your …
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Peet's Coffee opening in SF State library raises questions about corporations
If coffee lovers don't think they have enough locations on campus to get their caffeine fix, now there is one more to add to the list. Peet's Coffee opened up April 14 on the first floor of the J. Paul Leonard Library. SF State is known as a location …
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Durbin asks FDA to regulate caffeine levels in energy drinks

Durbin asks FDA to regulate caffeine levels in energy drinks
Durbin's letter is a reaction to the December death of a 14-year-old girl who suffered a cardiac arrhythmia that Durbin's office said was due to "caffeine toxicity after drinking two 24-ounce Monster energy drinks in a 24-hour period.
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Caffeine makes mugs of hard workers, no effect on slackers, UBC study finds
Workers who thrive on difficult tasks lose their motivation when given stimulants such as caffeine and amphetamine, according to a study by University of British Columbia researchers. So you might want to dial back the coffee intake if you are a …
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Nutritionist's Notebook: Caffeine cravings

Nutritionist's Notebook: Caffeine cravings
by Marion Nestle Question: What kind of effect does caffeine have on our metabolism and general health? What is an appropriate amount of caffeine to have? And are certain sources of caffeine better than others? Answer: Caffeine is a mild upper.
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Caffeine And Excercise Could Protect Against Skin Cancer
(Ivanhoe Newswire) — A recent study shows that the combined effects of excercise and the consumption of caffeine may be able to protect against skin cancer and possibly prevent inflammation related to other obesity-linked cancers.
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Sleepy Air Canada pilot mistook planet for plane, report finds
Wendy Gillis Staff Reporter He had indulged in a lengthy mid-flight nap, denied himself a hit of caffeine and was suffering from the sleepiness experienced by North American pilots flying overnight to Europe. So it was in a groggy haze that an Air …
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Pre-caffeine tech: Google Glass, Nyan Cat!
Facebook, iPhone, Twitter and Wii. Technology evolves at the speed of light.'s tech reporters look at the gadgets, games and innovations changing our world. We've heard rumors about Google working on augmented reality glasses, …

Adding caffeine to analgesics improves pain relief
Adding caffeine, at a dose equivalent to a mug of coffee to a standard dose of common analgesics, increases the number of people with acute pain who will experience a good level of pain relief, according to a Cochrane review by Oxford University.
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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Continues NYC Takeover With UES Location
Popular LA-based caffeine emporium Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is expanding with yet another NYC store, this time taking over the former Wicker Park space on 3rd Avenue on the Upper East Side. Fans of the chain were thrilled when the first New York outpost …
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Caffeine With Exercise Reduces Skin Cancer

Caffeine With Exercise Reduces Skin Cancer
Of course protecting yourself from UV rays is your best defense against skin cancer, but a new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) suggests exercise combined with caffeine consumption could cut …

PepsiCo Aims to Bring Urban Cool to Mountain Dew Image: Retail
Now it's working to broaden the sugary, caffeine- laced drink's appeal to a wider, more diverse, array of young soda consumers. In a marketing push featuring hip-hop singer Lil Wayne and street skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, PepsiCo is hoping Mountain …
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Need caffeine? Coffee shop under new ownership.

Need caffeine? Coffee shop under new ownership.
By Jason E. Silvers Attendees applaud after Mike Giordano, co-owner of The Grind Coffee House, cuts the ribbon in front of the business following the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce Coffee Thursday morning. More than 70 people attended the coffee …
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Monitoring your children's caffeine consumption
Caffeine helps a lot of people get through the day, but too much of it can actually be harmful, especially for kids and young adults. Despite the popularity of caffeinated drinks, the US Food and Drug Administration doesn't offer caffeine guidelines …
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