Nutritionist's Notebook: Caffeine cravings

Nutritionist's Notebook: Caffeine cravings
by Marion Nestle Question: What kind of effect does caffeine have on our metabolism and general health? What is an appropriate amount of caffeine to have? And are certain sources of caffeine better than others? Answer: Caffeine is a mild upper.
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Caffeine And Excercise Could Protect Against Skin Cancer
(Ivanhoe Newswire) — A recent study shows that the combined effects of excercise and the consumption of caffeine may be able to protect against skin cancer and possibly prevent inflammation related to other obesity-linked cancers.
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Sleepy Air Canada pilot mistook planet for plane, report finds
Wendy Gillis Staff Reporter He had indulged in a lengthy mid-flight nap, denied himself a hit of caffeine and was suffering from the sleepiness experienced by North American pilots flying overnight to Europe. So it was in a groggy haze that an Air …
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