Moms Have Sex, Too: Sex Toys for Sexy Mamas


My mom doesn’t have sex. She’s never had sex. Not even before she gave birth to me…or at least that’s what I’d like to believe. And that’s probably what you’d like to believe about your mom, too.

Bad news for us daughters: Two-thirds of moms have sex at least once a week, according to a new survey from Pure Romance. Bravo to the all the sexy mamas out there.

But moms aren’t only partnering up for their pleasure. Thirty-five percent of moms surveyed got it on solo-style at least once a week and nearly 8 in 10 moms own at least one sex toy. (I do NOT want to know how many toys my mom has.)

While you may not be brave enough to get these toys for your mom for Mother’s Day, you probably have a hot mom friend out there who is deserving of a toy of her own. Here, some sexy toys that are way more fun to play with than her kids’ hippity hop:

Bunny Sex ToyBunny Tickler
She’ll hop her to way to an orgasm with this friendly bunny that fits right on top of her vibrator. $ 10,

Silver BulletSilver Bullet 
Tell her to put away the toy gun and stick with the bullet for the clitoral time of her life. $ 15,

O GeeO Gee
Let her bend it, curve it, twist it, and have it however she wants with this G-Spot toy! $ 45,

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