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U of M's Theater Latte Da Presents 'Spring Awakening'
The University of Minnesota's Theater Latte Da will be presenting “Spring Awakening,” a rock adaptation of the expressionist play. The performance, which is presented in partnership with the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, is a coming-of-age …

Boba Fett Coffee Cup Cozy: Double Tall Fett Latte, Please.
You jeered when he captured Han Solo and loaded him aboard Slave I. You cheered when he fell to his “death” into the Sarlacc pit (even though it was a lame way to die, and it turns out Fett survived after all.) Now be thrilled as Boba Fett keeps your …
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'Morning Coffee': NFL Schedule Release, Daily Dose Of Tebowmania
by Ed Valentine • Apr 17, 2012 8:04 AM EDT Welcome to your Tuesday morning edition of SB Nation New York's 'Morning Coffee,' your sports wakeup call. I know people are starved for NFL news, and the release of the full regular-season schedule is …
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Coffee 'clash' in East Village
Patrons at Astor Place coffee shop dashed underneath tables as metal pipe-wielding protesters attempted to shatter its floor-to-ceiling Plexiglas windows during a Saturday night riot, police and workers said. Luckily, the unbreakable panes prevented …
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Small roasters are brewing a quality difference in Kansas City's coffee culture
Cates judged the recent Latte Art Throwdown at Cafe Main in Grandview, and Phillips consults with bartenders seeking just the right brew for cocktails. It's not just Broadway, though. The Roasterie and chocolatier Christopher Elbow teamed to make …
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Kaminak Reports 90.4% Gold Recoveries From Simulated Heap Leach Testing
A composite 30kg sample of drill core from the Supremo and Latte zones was crushed to 0.5 inch and subjected to a 80 day column cyanide leaching test. Measured head grade of this sample was 3.75 g/t Au. Results show 90.4% gold recoveries obtained over …
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For Most, New York DREAM Act Would Cost Less Than a Latte
Even for households making up to $ 200000, the bill would cost less than a latte. That's a small price to make sure that the next generation of New Yorkers have access to college, and a better ability to contribute to our future tax base.
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I Just Sold My Phone Number to Google for the Price of a Latte
By Jeff Roberts | April 9, 2012 | + I feel so cheap. After years of turning down Google's request for my number, I handed it over today for a lousy $ 5. It must have been the promise of coffee that made me do it. In case you missed it, Google Offers had …
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Nightcaps: Do you dream about cake houses, too?
[LA Weekly] You might not know it based off that $ 5 latte today, but coffee prices are at the lowest level they've been in 18 months. [AP] David Bouley's New York restaurant, Brushstroke, adds a traditional sushi bar and sushi chef trained in edomae …
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Latte Stone Souljahz: Group hopes to promote culture as it grows in popularity
Members of the group Latte Stone Souljahz, from left to right, Brandon "Bam" Dydasco, Josh "Phenom" Jones, Eric "Mr. Ene" Camacho, Pete "Badu" Magofna and Barry "Big B" Duenas strike a pose on Wednesday. / Ed Crisostomo/Pacific Daily …
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Draw Your Own Latte Art and Class Up Your Coffee Routine
We've shown you how to fake a latte using a milk frother and your microwave. Now that you've mastered that technique, step it up a notch with a little latte art that'll impress your friends or your spouse when you bring them that morning cup.
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There's a lot more than latte on the table when these ladies gather in Medina
By 'Sam' Boyer, Sun News View full size'Sam' Boyer/Special to Sun NewsBarb Ferrier has been instrumental in bringing a Ladies Latte interfaith program to Medina County. Barb Ferrier has been meeting her long-time friends Kim Tofil and Theresa Marzloff …
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10 Healthy Foods Go Head-to-head
100 percent orange juice vs. skim latte Winner: draw Why? Pace's pick: Orange juice. “While the latte contains some protein and beneficial calcium from skim milk, in just one cup, orange juice provides a nutrient-dense hit of 100 percent of your daily …
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City Council 4-17
Mocha Latte: Terrible publicity for Saratoga Springs. Somebody needs to put an end to this negativity. loszer: When does someone stop all this guys act…Sure he has a contract but they are made to be broken…As… blah: Here is an even better idea.
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Watkinsville Police: Unmanned, Runaway SUV Strikes Oconee DFCS Office Building
Highway 15 near Jittery Joe's. No one was injured. An Athens woman, 53, was charged with failure to yield to the right of way. Watkinsville police responded to a total of 33 calls within city limits between Monday, March 12 through Sunday, March 18.

Subway makes a smash on campus
Another campus restaurant that recently experienced major changes is Jittery Joe's. The coffee shop was owned by an independent owner who elected not to renew his contract. The closing of the store opened up some options for auxiliary services.
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Pre-caffeine tech
Six years ago, more than two-thirds of us had desktop computers and nearly two-thirds had cellphones. Today, 88 percent of Americans have cellphones and 55 percent desktop computers, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Mom's caffeine not linked to infant sleep problems
The findings, experts say, don't give the OK to heavy caffeine intake during pregnancy or breastfeeding. But they are in line with research suggesting that moderate amounts of caffeine may not pose a danger. Small studies over the years have come to …
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Caffeine's Effects On Your Thinking
By Jamie Hale Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. We drink it in our coffee, we consume it in our cans of Coke and Pepsi. People take in so much of this drug, they rarely think twice about it. Caffeine is found naturally in so …
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