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For Most, New York DREAM Act Would Cost Less Than a Latte
Even for households making up to $ 200000, the bill would cost less than a latte. That's a small price to make sure that the next generation of New Yorkers have access to college, and a better ability to contribute to our future tax base.
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I Just Sold My Phone Number to Google for the Price of a Latte
By Jeff Roberts | April 9, 2012 | + I feel so cheap. After years of turning down Google's request for my number, I handed it over today for a lousy $ 5. It must have been the promise of coffee that made me do it. In case you missed it, Google Offers had …
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Nightcaps: Do you dream about cake houses, too?
[LA Weekly] You might not know it based off that $ 5 latte today, but coffee prices are at the lowest level they've been in 18 months. [AP] David Bouley's New York restaurant, Brushstroke, adds a traditional sushi bar and sushi chef trained in edomae …
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