Get This: Research Says You Should Call In Sick

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A new study gives you added incentive to actually take those paid sick days when you’re feeling under the weather: It can help prevent flu outbreaks. [Salon]

Good news if you have exercise-induced asthma: Vitamin C  could help alleviate your symptoms. [Deccan Chronicle]

Jennifer Aniston and the stylist behind her amazing Rachel cut are teaming up to create a new haircare line. Why did this take so long to happen? [Vanity Fair]

Most people think Father’s Day doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day, according to a new survey. Show Dad some (last-minute) love by heading to the store for one of these awesome gifts. [USA Today]

In the latest scary health news, medical devices can (and do) become infected by malware. [Newser]

Fitness trackers may help motivate you to move, but they aren’t terribly accurate. [NYT]

TLC is hosting a “Watch ‘n Sniff” event with scent cards for the season premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on July 17. Because who doesn’t want to know exactly what sketti (noodles with ketchup and butter) and Glitzy (the family’s pet pig) smell like? [Jezebel]

A University California Davis researcher is claiming that there’s no truth to the notion of beer bellies. Sorry, but anecdotal evidence would suggest otherwise. [Medical Daily]

In another dubious study, evolutionary psychologists say men are the reason menopause exists (because they chased after younger women, so older women didn’t need to be fertile). Right… [io9]

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Get This: Meat Now Says Where It Came From

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New meat labeling laws mean you’ll know exactly where your steaks and roasts came from. Find out how to make meat safer[Huffington Post]

Inside Amy Schumer has been renewed by Comedy Central. Score! [Vulture]

You can learn how to be compassionate. [PsychCentral]

Angelina Jolie’s aunt died of breast cancer—just two weeks after the actress spoke out about her preventative double mastectomy. [Newser]

More than nine in 10 people have detectable levels of BPA in their urine, according to a recent study. [MedicalDaily]

Pesticides may increase your risk of Parkinson’s disease, according to a new review of existing research—but eating (organic) peppers might help prevent it. [Reuters]

Medicare paid for $ 80 million in eyelid lifts in 2011. [Newser]

Domino’s Brazil has invented a DVD that smells like pizza when you play it. That’s just cruel. [The Frisky]

A Seattle chef is serving tempura tarantula at the—wait for it—third annual Bug-A-Thon. Needless to say, we won’t be attending. [Reuters]

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Get This: Brad Says Angie’s a Hero

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Brad Pitt called S.O. Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy and write about it publicly “absolutely heroic.” Awww. [London Evening Standard]

Spanx founder Sara Blakely has agreed to give the majority of her wealth to charity, making her the first female billionaire to join Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge. []

You may be able to hit a fitness studio on the company’s dime: More businesses are encouraging employees to hold meetings on the go. [Fast Company]

Having no friends at work just got a little sadder: It may increase your diabetes risk, according to new research. [ScienceDaily]

Back away from the garden hose: In a recent study, one-third of hoses tested positive for high levels of harmful chemicals. []

Fifteen Whole Foods stores in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York mistakenly put chicken in a salad labeled vegan. Kinda makes you worry there might be other food-labeling errors you don’t know about. [ABC News]

The United Nations says eating bugs could help combat obesity. Or, you know, you could just stick to healthy foods that weren’t killed with a rolled-up newspaper. [Reuters]

There are more than 15 as many male film directors as female ones. Lame. [Jezebel]

Before he was the best-selling author of The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown recorded a song about phone sex. That’s not creepy at all. [BuzzFeed]

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What Your Haircut Says About Your Melanoma Risk

If you’re debating between chopping off your locks or keeping them long, consider this: Having longer hair may decrease your risk of getting melanoma on your head and neck, according to a new study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Researchers used data collected for the French regional melanoma registry Observatoire des Mélanomes de la Région Champagne-Ardenne (OMECHA) and examined 279 individual cases of melanoma. Analysis of the cases showed two different melanoma distributions of the head and neck that most likely are due to sun exposure while driving: peripheral (which occurs on the scalp, forehead, ears, and neck) and central (which occurs on the eyelids, nose, cheeks, and chin). For men, 57 percent of melanoma cases occurred in their peripheral regions and 43 percent happened in their central region. Women only saw 21 percent of melanoma cases in their peripheral region, though, and 79 percent of melanoma cases in their central region. The findings suggest that women have more cases of central melanoma because their peripheral areas are more protected by their hair, says Candice Lesage, MD, dermatologist, lead study author.

A windshield may protect skin from UVB rays, which are responsible for sunburns, but UVA rays, which have longer wavelengths, penetrate the glass and can harm your skin. Though participants’ specific hairstyles weren’t recorded, women tend to have longer hair, which can protect their peripheral skin regions, leaving mostly the central area exposed to sunlight. Because men typically have shorter hair, both their peripheral and central regions are left vulnerable to UV rays. Hair can act as a barrier that prevents sunlight from reaching the skin—more so for people with darker, thicker hair—similar to how clothes can provide UV coverage for your body.

“The more of your skin that’s covered by your hair, the more protected you are,” says Jessica Wu, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern-California, who was not part of the study. Keep in mind: Even if you grow your hair out, your scalp can still be exposed to harmful rays where you part your hair or where your hair is naturally thinner. For extra protection—particularly if you’re rocking short hair—slather on the sunscreen and wear a hat, says Wu. While thicker lotions can be messy, a gel or foam sunscreen shouldn’t mess with your style.

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Survey Says: 10 Things Guys Should NEVER Wear

Dear guys: It’s not you. It’s what you’re wearing.

Earlier this week, Emma Watson, while a guest on the Ellen show, compared British and American men. And while she had positive things to say about the average American guy’s approach to dating, she wasn’t so fond of his sartorial choices—especially when it comes to footwear.

“They’re very open and very straightforward,” Watson says of American men. “But they wear flip-flops and I don’t know if I like that.” Fair enough.

We turned to our Women’s Health Facebook users to see what they thought of men wearing sandals, and they pointed out several other male fashion faux pas.

Here is what they told us guys should never wear. Do you agree? Have anything to add? (Hey, Men’s Health readers—you paying attention?)

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What His Passport Says About His Penis Size

Maybe it’s not just the sexy accents that compel American women to seek out European men. According to a new paper published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, European men have longer penises on average than American dudes.  Out of 113 nationalities included in the study, men in the U.S. measured in at an average of 5.1 inches long, falling short of men from Iceland, who reported 6.5 inches, on average. Italy (6.2”), Sweden (5.9”), and Greece (5.8”) also surpassed our stateside fellows.

Top length, however, goes to The Republic of Congo, with an average size of–you might want to sit down for this–7.1 inches. Ecuador and Ghana place second and third on the globe with 7 and 6.8 inches, respectively.

But don’t book tickets abroad just yet. The study author is a noted controversial figure in academic circles, and the stats he gathered were from Internet websites. For all we know, these figures only prove that men from the Republic of Congo have the biggest… imaginations.

In any case, penis size isn’t actually an indicator of a man’s sexual prowess—or whether you’re going to have an orgasm. “The size of the organ doesn’t matter so much as technique, foreplay and stimulation of the nerves surrounding the clitoris, vagina, and vulva,” says Debra Wickman, MD, co-founder of SHE: Sexual Health Experts, a dedicated sexual health practice.

If anything, Wickman says, girth is more important than length—most of the nerves are located in the first few inches of our vaginas, and a wider penis is better able to stimulate those nerves. In fact, Wickman cautions that when it comes to penises, bigger isn’t always better: “Increased length can often be more a cause of pain—the penis can hit your cervix, which can be really uncomfortable.”

Want to increase your chances of hitting the big O, regardless of how big (or not) your partner’s penis is? Check out these tips. You can thank us later.

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