The Doctor Tried To Make Me Fat With Processed Food


I honestly don’t know why I was surprised, but I was. Here I am, sitting in an emergency care center waiting for the doctor to come examine my knee when there was a knock at the door. I assumed it would be the doctor or a nurse, so imagine my surprise when…

The assistant walked in pushing a snack cart asking if I wanted anything. That sounds all grand, right? Except that on the cart were chocolate chip cookies, buttered popcorn, and bags of chips… oh yea along with sodas and fruit juices (and not the good kind).

“No thanks” was probably out of my mouth too fast to be polite.

I looked over at Dan (such a good husband for taking me and keeping my company) when the room was empty again and announced, no wonder people are fat… their own doctors give them crap food.

Doctors Don’t Know Health

With all the education that doctors have to go through you would think that they would be educated on preventing illness all together. But to be honest, they are only educated in helping illness once it strikes.

What’s more is that most diseases and conditioned are derived from unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. So then why can’t doctors just educate patients on the importance of healthy living through exercise and nutrition?

Because they don’t know.

In fact, it’s hard to believe but med school doesn’t cover diet or exercise. And what’s more is that 53% of doctors are oveweight. With more than half carrying extra pounds, would patients even follow their advice when or if given? Probably not.

If doctors would simply learn and follow healthy habits themselves then the obesity epidemic just might start moving back in the right direction instead of continuing to climb.

I mean let’s face it, I said no to the cart but most people would see it and rationalize that if the doctor is offering it then it must be good for you! Right?

It’s a shame!

So what can be done?

f you know you’re carrying extra pounds or feel you are moving in that direction check with your doctor to make sure you can handle an exercise program.

From there talk with the people that know how to help you transform not just your body but your overall lifestyle as well like personal trainers (that’s me!) or a certified nutritionist.

We all want to believe that doctors hold the answers to everything, but clearly the don’t.

What’s To Eat? 

For breakfast I had the same ole oatmeal but with only a teaspoon of sunflower butter on top! I am working on controlling the urge to scoop the biggest amount possible.


Left overs from last night: Lentils; whole wheat pasta with spinach and leeks. I also added some baby brussel sprouts!


Kidney bean and potato patty topped with curry and a side salad! Seconds were involved :)

Questions of the Day: 

  • Has your doctor ever done or said anything that made you raise an eyebrow? 
  • What’s your favorite condiment? (Mine being sunflower butter, of course!)
Image source of doctor:

Fitness Strength Training For Women and Clean Eating Suport

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