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Active Minds 7th Annual Stress Out Day: LAUGH!
Try to eat from all of the food groups and try to stay away from caffeine (minimize soda or coffee). Caffeine can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Limit alcohol and stay away from illegal drugs. Alcohol and drugs aggravate anxiety and can also cause …
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Why we're addicted to … coffee
The US chain have started putting three shots instead of two into their XL or Venti “British latte”, meaning it now contains 225mg of caffeine. The coffee giant changed the recipe after a 60 per cent surge of people wanting extra caffeine shots.
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Can amphetamine and caffeine make you a slacker?
When you give them caffeine, on the other hand, the worker rats show the same decrease, while the slacker rats show no effect. This shows that drugs can differentially affect performance in a cognitive task, depending on how the animals responded in …
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